Each Cellar door has their own model on how tasting fees are applied to your visit.

Examining the color of a Shiraz during a wine tasting experience.

Hunter Valley Shiraz is my hero!

For example, at Hart and Hunter (pictured above) tasting fees are $10pp.

If you purchase 6 bottles of wine the tasting fees do not apply.

In the Hunter Valley tasting fees range from $0 to $110pp.

Some Cellar Doors do not apply tasting fees if any wine is purchased.

In some Cellar Doors the tasting fees apply regardless of the wine being purchased.

In other cellar doors, the tasting fees are not applied if a specific number of bottles of wine are purchased.

There are also some Cellar Doors with multiple tasting fee formats that may require full payment in order to secure a booking.

If it is convenient for you we can take care of the tasting fees for you and add the tasting fees to the your balance.

Some Cellar Doors provide condiments with your tasting experience, such as a Cheese platter. Some provide a ‘behind the scenes’ or a ‘barrel tasting’ experience.

To keep our tours flexible and customised to your tastes, we do not add tasting fees to your tour costs. We believe this is the fairest and best way to create a tour tailored to you and your group. This also gives us unfettered access to nearly 200 Hunter Valley Cellar Doors.

Many of the Cellar Doors that we visit do not charge the tasting fees if you purchase wine.

Because we are a bespoke tour operator we carefully plan your tour and take you to wines that we think you will love.

Often you will be keen to purchase wine.

Many of the Cellar Doors that we have a great relationship with appreciate the effort that we go to in matching up your taste in wine with their products.

Often you will not be charged tasting fees.