Tasting fees and pre booked tastings are now normal in the Hunter Valley.

Tasting fees are variable in both cost and format.

Tasting fees range from $0 to $45pp.

In some Cellar Doors, if wine is purchased the fees do not apply. In some Cellar Doors tasting fees apply regardless of wine being purchased.

There are also some Cellar Doors with multiple tasting formats and fee structures that may require the details of each passenger and full payment to secure a booking.

Because we customise your tour to your tastes, incorporating your recommendations and desires, we cannot provide accurate information on tasting fees until we begin to design your tour, so we have not added them to your tour costs. We believe this is the fairest and best way to create a tour tailored to you and your group. This also gives us unfettered access to the nearly 200 Hunter Valley Cellar Doors.

Many of the Cellar Doors that we visit do not charge the tasting fees if you purchase wine. Because we are a bespoke tour operator and take pride in taking you to wines that you will love, (and purchase) often you will not be charged tasting fees.

If we were to include tasting fees in the tour cost, there is a good chance that you would be paying them to us, and we would not be paying them to the Cellar Door! We would also be restricted in tour itinerary so that the fees collected matched the fees paid.

There are many Cellar Doors that charge $5pp to $10pp tasting fees, often redeemable on purchase.

If you need a rough budget as you plan you trip you might allow $10pp per venue, knowing that if you are planning to take some wine home these fees might not apply.